FOR LAURA: Do you think men dig up bones? I mean, besides Randy Travis? HaaaaaaaaHaaaaaaaaa! I could laugh all Saturday. I bet that'd burn off a Wendy's animal kingdom--right?...grlbear?



In other news: Last nite I got a wild hair & put together the writing I'd done since late April (when I got back on the poems) & I have a good sized chapbook! It'll be a loooong time coming til I make another book but it's good to see I am making pages I'm happy with.

Also: Daddy is presently driving a Nascar car around the Talladega track 40 times. His aim is to go 185+ so right now I'm hoping he's not too lead-footed, & is steady-handed, & that mama is taking a slew of pics, which I'll for sure post here. Yeah Nascar! I think I'd like to drive that car. I like fast.