SUN / June 27 / DAY TRES

day three of poetry readings. day three is my EOAGH reading with e. tracy grinnell & lovely brenda iijima. we all woke up feeling iffy. it was brutal hot/humid. sweaty ridiculous. had breakfast delivered. headed over to p slope, unnameable books. i read first & was really comfortable, had a good reading, it felt like. should be posted on pennsound soon i'm guessing. brenda's amazing of course (poetry godmother), & hearing tracy read was awesome. i sold some books & i met nice people. tim wrote the nicest introduction for me, which i'll post as soon as he posts it on his blog. i forgot to get someone to take pics of me reading, but tim usually posts that too on his blog, so i'll steal from there & post here later. kyle came which was sweet--i saw his smiling face every time i looked out from the page, reading. bradley from old maine days showed up. everyone was really nice & i can say that the reading was a good way to close this busy nyc po weekend out. carrie & i got so much time to catch up which was one of my fav parts. i love my grlfriends & getting to gossip/get advice/imp grl stuffs after not seeing each other for years is crucial. jake and i were at jfk for years it seemed. our flight was pushed back 3 hrs. we arrived in jax at 2am. i slept a lot today & am feeling much better. i needed some silence after all the running round. jake's on the beach reading & writing. i'm gonna luxuriate all day.