who's having a ball in georgia & eating too much (but not really)?

i believe in some sweetness

Poets for Living Waters

Bridgetown I love

ouch. rioja headache.

before i begin my writing day i sometimes read online journals to see what's new going on out there

Today is TUESDAY / I am pleasant!

Florence + The Machine - Dog Days Are Over

Poetry folks hopefully seem to be finally figuring out what I've known for such a long long time about Uncle Jim Harrison & his Yesenin. Bout time,

mrs dalloway at the beach

it is thurs/ thurs / officially a full-on rain week

I received Chelsea's book in the mail today!

tarballs, dead crabs

sons They got angelic tendencies Like some boys tend to act like queens If every angel's terrible Then why do you watch her sleep?

sunday country music in the south on sunday, it rains over the ocean, i write, am joyful

bigtime saturday yikes

WED / It's that time of the week again...

it's my birthday--i'm officially twenty-nine

July 4th family weekend & my pre-bday

Poets House Annual Showcase