it is thurs/ thurs / officially a full-on rain week

i got the best sleep of my life last nite. round about 5am tossing & turning cause my head wouldnt calm down from trying to figure out my new writing--i recite old poems of mine in my head from start to end, start to end without wanting to, but not being able to stop myself. it really really kinda sucks--i mean i'd much rather quote frank o hara's, you anyways, i got up & went to mama's bed, which is one of those huge huge huge 4 poster beds you need a ladder to get in & five big men could lay easily shoulder to shoulder across. ah, the mattress is divine. even the pillow. i so did not want to get up today. the outside is dark, more rain. i really feel brilliant today. writerly.


World Breaking news, yall:

Morgan Schuldt & I (Shelly Taylor) will be doing a chapbook collaboration together starting when I get back to Tucson in August.

Morgan just loooooves me, so this is really going to be fun for him. :)

I had but one stipulation: you don't edit my ass & I won't edit yours.
We'll see how well that one works out! I am so excited about this project--so excited!


I drove it out yesterday to Jacksonville, & I got me a pair of Wayfarers. Yeah!