ouch. rioja headache.

[dancer: pretty boy]


cheenie & i had a ball last nite, drankin wine & talking about men & stuff! im so going to miss her when i vacate this lil paradise!

i am kicking myself in the ars for not going to key west. ma & dad's room is ridiculous! she's sent me 20 pictures so far & im so jealous, it's beautiful!

i am currently trying to catch some of that bear root smoke that mm blew my way from tucson in hopes my headache goes away. she says with her sense of direction it prob went to canada instead!

excited i am for abraham to visit georgia. i am gonna pack up the beach & leave im guessing on sat or sun--which means i'll miss true blood but hell im ready for some ga dirt under my feet. yep.

& im gonna try to ride dancer as much as i can. & give sissy all the sugar i can (she hates sugar!). & visit with everyone before heading out westward!