Poets House Annual Showcase

was last nite in Battery Park, & Im guessing my lil Heifer was there because the lovely Tim Peterson mentioned it in his blog [http://mappemunde.typepad.com/} today, among some of the other new books out this year. Here's what he said:

Tarpaulin Sky Press has two notable new books this year, The Stars of the Night Commute by Ana Bozicevic and Black-Eyed Heifer by Shelly Taylor who writes as if she has a direct line connecting her to the duende itself.

Makes my day all kinds of sparkly! It's hurricane weather here. Writing and reading on the couch, can't even get a jog in. But that's quite fine by me.


So we have taken the name DUENDE in order to honor Lorca’s dark creative force. Duende is there to challenge us to keep our ears open to the ‘dark sounds,’ to keep our touch with the earth and with the ghosts of those who have come before, to never refuse the struggle which is needed to keep the spirits working on the side of truth.