who's having a ball in georgia & eating too much (but not really)?

ME! last nite after pedi & dinner w/ ma & dad at danny's, packed down with a 12pk of daddy's mich ultra (the only thing round bridgetown other than moonshine & muscadine wine), my friend sean came down to the cottage & good god we had so much fun catching up. sean's one of those high school friends where nothing changes even if you havent seen each other for 4 or more years. we had a lot of fun just talking nonstop about everything. it's important to be around good folks after hard times & then my largely hermitic beach summer.

on the way to dinner at the fern bank w/ EVERYBODY in town it seems--exciting! ima eat a whole lot & then for dessert, when i get back home to the country, im going to have some of mrs emily's friend chicken. big ole thighs a-coming!