monday monday monday


today is sat! / but it feels like sun...weird!

ms grita speaks squirrel

i had my first day of classes today

more w/ andrew brown / sunday

photos by andrew brown

lil monsoon

gear up / lil shell & the viks

i heart metal heart. cat power.

It's a still Thursday nite, still too hot at 11.

today is thurs / my dad's birthday

brett favre arrives in minnesota.

monday hello it's monday

it's sunday hot, red pandas (fire cats) mating/having babies on the tele, astrid lazed out on the couch, good sumatra, bout to go for workout

my new barrio home.

next to last day in south. lily the deer, larue's deer.

last day in the south: snake hunting with the one & only LaRue

summer's end

The University of Arizona Poetry Center Aug Newsletter

Au revoir Ga, Hallo Tucson

It's getting that time I'm gonna need a decision...

Hallo August--& Back Room Live