gear up / lil shell & the viks

i am detox monday as far as having too much fun goes. im having dinner tonite w one dan h, my darlin 'knows everything about music' person in town, does booking at congress, a gem, one of my local fav people for sure.

drew krew & i had a lot of fun on friday (whiskey & czech film?...hmmm) so i detoxed all saturday. yesterday i detoxed sunday til i went to bison to meet andrew brown for afternoon 'i need professional looking photos a-sap' which was so much more fun than i thought it would be. i was not so photo shy i usually am, prob cause of andrew's lovely sparkly demeanor! had so much fun i took a lil tequila & had a ball at ches for just a wee. also i talked to one honduran mark & thankfully right before i tore skype a new one. i do not like techno. i did get in bed by 1130 like a good lil teacher who has, this week, first class at 710am, second class at 830, then pilates at 11. busy busy. i'll post pics as soon as mr brown waylays them to yours truly. in other big news, viks...gear up. yesterday's game was no indicator of our fall, no!