it's sunday hot, red pandas (fire cats) mating/having babies on the tele, astrid lazed out on the couch, good sumatra, bout to go for workout

today is sunday! sunday! i love you sunday!

i went to casa vincente last nite & had the best dinner--mussels,shrimp, late vegetable stew, potatoes, yum bread, & red sangria. best of all great conversation. my friend danielle is in med school, doing her internship rounds out at the va, & is just so smart & wonderful--it's so necessary to have friends that are so ambitious & wonderfully giving & smart. i had a ball. then i came right home & did some work. im not so much into socializing/going out anymore. ive been back in tucson for 9 days & ive gone "out on the town" only one of those...on friday...& it was so blah that i decided id not go out again for a good long while. it's so good to see friends & catch up, but i think i'll be doing more home entertaining than let's meet at the bar kind of thing. i think it's finally that time in my life when the out & about boozing/socializing slows down & i truly truly get down to work on writing, have my novel & my second book of poetry both out in a couple years. here's to hoping.


i sold some clothes i never wear to buffalo exchange & i bought two gorgeous turquoise rings that are heavy & lovely & make me feel real good about myself. funny how fashion & things to adorn oneself can have such affects on how one walks about in the world. i feel luscious. :)