monday hello it's monday

ive been waking up early these days--bout 930 to get myself ready for the semester, where i will be teaching my first class at northwest at 710am. im doing well with it so far & am enjoying how much i can get done in the morning outside while it's still semi-cool in this heat trap i love.

i always get a facial on my birthday. 29 didnt see it's facial until today & it was a good one. a $40 one at pure aesthetics, the tucson esthetician training school. i got a glycolic peel & an algae mask. my face was beet red leaving but it's super bing now.

ive done yard work galore today & wrote my line/s for morgan & my collaboration chapbook which is going well. he writes a line, i write a line--give or take. we've already had a personality clash but it's all in good fun, as i write speedy & morgan not so much. i adore morgan, i adore how he writes. this thing is actually fun & im all up in it.

speaking of yard: i put two goldfinch socks up in the backyard & had like 30 there yesterday early evening, & two hummingbirds at the feeder, & there was light rain too. perfecto.

i am ingesting h2o to the hilt cause my mija mara v & i are going to hike our asses off. and then i will eat & do nothing cept write these syllabi ive been putting on the back burner. i hate these stup composition books they make us adjuncts teach--though i try to keep positive about it, considering the fact i have unlimited range on photocopied handouts, which i will use the hell out of. these students will read good literature, they will. that said, i CANNOT wait to teach poetry.