today is sat! / but it feels like sun...weird!

(my beautiful rouch & my sugarbear lyla g)

ooooo i woke up w an itch to travel. i wanna go to LA to see family. i wanna go to the canyon & write & drive & clear out every space in my head with canyon.

instead, ive printed off guest passes from every gym in town, am definitely going to find one in the next couple days. if you know me, you know ive used the doubletree since graduate school & have never had to pay. & i love my dubtree--it holds such good memories w my mjia mara...but! they've started locking their gym door, so im forced to do something now. i absolutely dont want to pay a monthly gym fee, but it's looking like i may have to. today is la fitness--which sounds so not me. at least it's a free workout in a gym!

tucson is wonderful now. there've been slow rains & overcastness that's done me good for writing. i woke up w a lot of urges other than traveling--im now wanting a pulled pork sandwich & also i want a spread of tapas! goodness i am going to have to workout.