today is thurs / my dad's birthday

i found the pic of granny taylor from which heifer's cover was made. here she is, for mamacita & daddy:

happy birthday daddy! i hope the heat's not too bad for ya in south ga--i hope your day is lovely!


i have faculty orientation today at pima, & i have my syllabi done...yeah!

tonite i'm wksping with jameson--should be great. blessed i am to have so many writer friends in this town. morgan & i finished poem one of our chapbook collaboration. i just this morn started the second & sent it to him.

also, i've been cooking a lot lately. & really good stuff. last nite i made a centuries old italian recipe that i lifted from food & wine--it is of course, a casserole--with potatoes, yellow bell pepper, onion, thyme, zucchini, tomatoes, & parmesan. it was delicious, i can't wait to eat leftovers here soon.