thurs yeah / im tiiiired / tus

Happy Birthday Granny!

my favorite song right now / HANK / a TUS Monday nite

home / i heart you tucson

Sunday / Vikings First Win (but versus the Lions) / LA

just back from our h & m casting call / LA

roscoe's chicken n' waffles / LA / still 100 degree sun yeehaw

Monsoon Wed / Pretty Pretty desert

Monday / longest summer EVER

too much reliance on AP / painful showing for brett favre / tucson sunday

sat / it's 145 degrees / tucson

thurs / feels like a rant day all around

tues / it's 1203 actally wed / tucson

MON. / an old journal with a rodeo queen on the front / song on Pandora 'wise up'... / the journal is from Laura to me on my 25th / the first entry

hello sunday / sunday your overcastness matches my physical spirit / the part of my body that is writer / on being a woman in tucson, the world

i dont know but

Ahhhhhh Vikings

this song reminds me of someone too

Tues into Wed / It's Wed / Grita sprawl / Start a poem / Think hard about men fixed forever in childhood, or adolesence / How far I've come / Tucson

i'm teaching "lust" by susan minot

glee sunday glee / pre-belen

wonder woman on npr today

such a fan of friday