Ahhhhhh Vikings

yesterdays class was superb. read sarah vowell's 'shooting dad' & listened to shortened version of it on npr's 'this american life.'

love sarah vowell & the story: liberal daughter & conservative gunsmith father that dont necessarily get along--'some things were said during the reagan administration that cant be taken back'--attempts as the author gets older, hence 'maturer'--dad builds a cannon--author travels home to see him shoot it off--his last 'Gesamtkunstwerk' planned, a 'performance piece' involving mother, sister 'loneliest twin in history' & author--the 'morbid joker' dad wants fam to shoot his ashes out of the cannon postmortem--'his last hunting trip'--& the author's, "i'll do it, too. [...] i will lite the fuse. but i will not cover my ears. because when i blow what used to be my dad into the earth, i want it to hurt." yikes powerful.

i took a lil nap post-class then got a big as hell burrito & went to mms before the fiction wksp to watch my vikings. it sucked, the game. that's just about all im gonna say about it.

today is friday; friday is lovely. i been up too long tho. had to take car to shop for checkup & now im just lazing around, luxuriating. think mm & i are going to go to sherwin bitsui's reading at the po center tonite. & then some fun later on im excited about.