Monday / longest summer EVER

pretty lil LYLA G whom Auntie is so excited to see this Thursday.

In other cute baby news: Mrs Laura Sims (whom I just love--we gave a reading together (Bon/Motley in Cincy) last fall & have kept in touch) & her husband Corey just gave birth to lil Caleb in NYC. Lil Caleb is pretty pretty pretty--a head full of dark hair & cute baby cheeks. Congrats to Laura & Corey!


I drove to Mexico yesterday. The sunflowers south of Rio Rico down to MX were beautiful. Nothing like a drive to clear your head out--I listened to music, rocked out on southern roots/rock, Laura Little mixes, & Mag Electric Company. Got back to town & dropped in for a beer with Terry Wolf at Ches. Trotted over to Dubliner to hang out with Mitch, dropped in Congress (my first time going in the place since May) & saw everybody. Ended the evening in my backyard drinking Sparks (wtf?) with lil M. I watched an Iron Chef & went to bed. I woke up today feeling like a million bucks. Really! Whatever lil tinge of sickness is all gone--tho it's too hot outside to bear. Still over 100 degrees. I'm so over it.