Monsoon Wed / Pretty Pretty desert

i been busy like crazy since yesterday class. both classes were good--we did a bit of cisneros non-fiction as well as a few of my favorite vignettes from Mango St. straightaway after class til like 2am, i was working on my curriculum vitae (ack), my statement of teaching philosophy, my good ole letter of intent, scrabbling up old syllabi and particularly cool assignments, and making myself a lil portfolio to hand over to the U. yep, up, im trying for a better adjuncting position. the U pays twice as much. so even tho i would rather spend a tues nite not working on my cv, i'll do it. several times i thought, i'd rather just bartend, this is so much bs. but i did it! i did it! got to run around & piss off every poor dept of english office assistant at 3 pima campuses because i need a record of all my old student evaluations. fun fun.

at least look outside! it's been monsooning and now it's overcast and beautiful--i couldnt be happier. down with you, 100 degree sun.

got to scrabble (ha! word of wed...) around big time to get everything done i need to get done. my pal, ANDREW BROWN, documentary film maker and man about town w/ camera, is showing his film on SB-1070 at 9 at Beowulf Alley. i must be there, i must! and then i must wake at 5 and go to LA later in the afternoon. fun!