such a fan of friday

ive havent written in quite awhile! you see im busy busy doing class stuff. i have 60 papers to grade, lessons to plan, sleep to get/catch up on.

i celebrated a good class week by getting myself a pizza from rocco's & then going out with drew. id never been to danny's & had fun. hung out w fashion blogger amber & cute-as-always bradley, & my drew. when danny's ran out of steam we jumped over to plush where the evening was mellow quiet, but lovely. drew, for all the folks in me-blog world that dont know, is a poet living in tucson that was raised in chula, ga--right outside of tift county. we grew up country kids right down the road from each other, practically, & here we are in tucson now. we keep saying 'where is laura little?' hurry laura little!

today i awoke to a happy mm who spent the morning on the phone w/ big big editor in nyc--getting her book raven together for its evident & soon-coming publication. i have champagne chilling & yams a-roasting for a big toast in a couple hours. exciting!

im back working on belen, my novel-esque thing. the trio-strong badass ladies fiction wksp starts soon. also, poetry still coming along. abraham smith has his 'hank' coming out soon. are you all as excited as i am?