thurs yeah / im tiiiired / tus

[recently found this pic. this nite sticks out as one of the craziest bar nites ever. these fools are monotonix. these fools had set up on my bartop as you can see--that's me literally holding the drum stand up. was not too happy about it. the fool w/ the mike is throwing around my fruit trays, straws, & cocktail napkins. i was not too happy about this either. other than that, the show was pretty cool.]


i had a shrimp creole dinner last nite w/ mm & a lil nice merlot.

today was peer revision day in my lit 101s--nice!

i'm now home, cleaned everything & am working on my chapbook--Lions, Remonstrance, Fatale, Blue. should be ready to go out here soon--makes me muy happy.