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hallow. today is a beautiful one hoping for afternoon showers or sprinkle at least. cool things off so I can jog without death.

yesterday's class was good i feel. & yesterday was good bc i talked to both ma & rouch which almost never happens. im going to LA at the end of the month, yep, & it's been much too long. i feel lyla g wont even remember auntie. anyways im excited. gonna babysit whilst mandy & budz go out on the town, being it's his bday weekend.

i met up w lil m. my bff yesterday for swithwicks. we then dropped in clusterf-style to the frys grocery store, then i fried up some okra & also made some lemon pepper chicken. brian l stopped by. so did dan h. we dance partied kitchen style to the new kylie m whom lil m thinks is awesome. lots of morrissey. & guns. brian l looks cute holding a rifle. yes, these kind of things occur at lil m's house. kylie m & rifles & a dog named talladega.

today im planning class stuff. & im working on a new poem. & enjoying the change of light.