tues / it's 1203 actally wed / tucson

i find my 710 class is exhausting. i find my 840 invigorating. this is how tuesday went. arm wrestling. class discussion. class discussion of arm wrestling. men as non-verbal: stereotype or not? and so on it goes in lit 101.

did a lot of errands, this & that. got short cuts, a film by robert altman, to see what he did for raymond carver short stories. got 'the nite of the iguana'--tennessee williams, my heart, by john huston...we'll see. im reading all of tennessee williams, my new task.

had afternoon tea in the backyard with mm. went to sup at b-line w/ dear miriam, mm, & gail. lovely smartie dinner, a lot discussed, from burqas to rosemont mine to being a woman in the now.

nathaniel picked me up in his old red truck. went for tues smithwicks as per usual now, it seems. lovely tues. life discussion, the good stuff. and i'm so tired out now. to sleep.