football sunday / yesterday we had rain / stuff im into

vikes got a bye at just the right time. dear abe s. says brett's prob 'toodlin round a 4wheeler' in Mississip, & i imagine he is, but i hope not. we vikes need better communication. so if our dear brett is down in the Sip, he hopefully has his wide receivers, offensive line, etc... down there too. hopefully. we got the jets next weekend, & i like the jets by proxy of past football-emotional-stuff, but still, i want my team to come alive. i want my boys to start kicking some major ass, is what i want. it's important.


last nite drew & i exchanged books--how cool is that! his 'ars warholica' from spork press is amazing. i love i love.

we read new work which is healthy for writers. yep, sharing. we also 'i ching'-ed--i think i got some good info from that. i also ate some cheesy grits & shrimp. though i wanted mussels badly. i also watched 'waiting for the moon'--gloss of g stein & ms alice b.--& i enjoyed it mostly. drew brought over a lovely viognier. nice! i have two discs of fraggle rock waiting on me too. im just saying.

tonite i go to see the sisters 'cocorosie'--& im excited bout it.

i really love ava gardner as maxine faulk in 'the night of the iguana' (1964). tennessee williams, writer. john huston, director. ms tough maxine, earthy, needing, demure. styling was so perfect.