friday / test run ... check / leave me with your borneo i said leave me the way i was before ... / early life jams that wont quit

makeup & hair test run w/ precious sam is a check, yep. wine & pizza w/ mm. home revising new work. thanks to abraham s for inviting me to tour with him this late winter in nyc--made my day all kinds o' sparkly. (now if somebody'd only review my Heifer...)

tomorrow is the quinceanera. i gotta arrive early for beautifying purposes which i lurve. this celebration has taken weeks to plan, will involve a 17-piece mariachi band, a band, & a dj--& yes all of this will take place in mm's backyard--as will serving dinner to the 110 guests! should be fun. after that ima pop over to my sugar drew's mooooonster party, where he'll prob be dancing his ass off by himself in any free spot, & where I'll go from festive to having fake blood on my face. im, as always, excited. sure beats the hell outta club crawl!--where im going to be nowhere near--!--uh uh no no nope.