it's 1:52 in tucson / i just graded 28 essays / yesterday i graded 27

since 2pm today ive been on it. bout 8pm i almost had a nervous breakdown. my handwriting on the papers did turn to pure scribble, i was hungry, & no i did not feel like cooking. what did i do? i went to wendys. and i got myself a treat of shiner oktoberfest, made in good ole shiner, tx. now, i dont know whether im tipsy or just plain done for. ive only had two beers but i swear im seeing double & am wonked out of my mind. my writing fingers got the blisters & i give up. i tried to pay morgan to help me--(this is a joke--just in case anyone job-related, my boss, or future bosses are reading)--but he said 'not on yer life.' see morgan what state youve left me in?