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hey. today is football sunday. getting ready to go head to head w/ abe smith's paaaack who are going down. sunday duel, my favorite. go vikes go!


yesterday was fun. up, roasted yams, visited w/ neighbor, tea in the backyard, picked up ms annie, went to the mission, to mms for a big ole wonderful people potluck--mm, dr danielle, deanne, annie, drew, & myself. went to best western for a lil hour of karaoke--drew & annie sang so well yes & when 'shelly t' was cued up i split fast as i could pay my tab & run to the car. drew & i went to the district where we met up w/ dan, who photographically looks stunning in my fur vest. fyi, drew is wearing a wig that makes him look like he's gonna set buildings on fire, or blow something up. good saturday. i start my 8 week lit 102 tomorrow, & though it stresses me a lil bit out, im financially needing it yep. go vikes!