last day of NOV / im taking flannery o'connor as my personal icon

monday / microdermabrasion-crazy students-coldest nite in 10 or so years-once more to the lake!-&poetry poetry poetry

sat / lounge-taco shop needs-yuma sitting-bivouac sat-show the guns-veggie burrito needs-love-lalalalalala-baby it's cold outside

tues / lucero stew love lilies laundry catsitting love nap car tires fixed neighbors cupcakes / tues

sunday / singing wind fiesta / out in benson in the middle of nowhere / grls day

one covet

friday / laze cook grade love

tues / two good classes / staying afloat / and happy

sun / c'mon vikings jeeeez / jog & cooking day

sat / ms dani's shower / chilly out / coal miner's daughter on the telly : your mama's a doggone songwriter

satchel just appeared for glam. couldnt find her earlier.

tues is beaut but quite cold yeah

mon / bumming around / missus g is bumming around / sweatpants nite yes!

sun / all souls parade / best pics

sun / slept from 2am til 2pm / feel so much better / all souls parade day ... i love i love

My reading is this Saturday / w Anselm Berrigan / i hope to see yall there!

dia de los muertos

hallo november! / monday / arent we all blessed?