hallo november! / monday / arent we all blessed?

yes, it's november & yes, i'd say blessed. here's paul bunyan:

actually this is peacock, my best friend since i was a kid. he didnt really have to do too much to be paul bunyan. but i think it's a good fit. i like november. am glad october is over--that long long month that feels esp longer cause of the dark sooner & weather, thankfully for scorched desert-dwellers, changing. this past summer was the longest summer of my life. im winter ready. im november ready.

im enjoying my 8 week WRT 102 section. it's rapido, rapido but im enjoying it thoroughly. my students are "on-it." a nice change.

in other news: christian peet has a new chappie out today from interbirth books. it's called 'pluto: never forget.' it's the second installation of 'the nines.' everyone should get a copy. whoop!