last day of NOV / im taking flannery o'connor as my personal icon

as well as stevie wonder's 'living for the city.'

it was in the mid-twenties when i left for school at 630am. holy hell.

my neighbors are on the meth & jose & i just witnessed a true south tucson style drop off right from my stoop. we laughed. what else does one do? the meth neighbors recently tore up the metal fence right across the street--tweakers bending metal. wonderful. never a dull moment on rubio which i love. there's a dog wandering around with a wolf head & a weiner dog body. ive a new cat named loki. he really belongs to the tweakers across the street, though i believe they dont look after him. he's kinda the mayor of rubio, but no one seems to like him much cause he's a car-sleeper-on-er--but that small detail has never mattered much.

two and a half more weeks of class. im stoked. it's been a long semester for literally nothing financially. i dont think i broke even, even.

im ready to go home soon. got my ticket booked: dec 22-27. whoop! though i must start doing a lil shopping so as not to be overwhelmed completely in a couple weeks.

hallo december. this year is better than the last.