sat / lounge-taco shop needs-yuma sitting-bivouac sat-show the guns-veggie burrito needs-love-lalalalalala-baby it's cold outside

wed nite. grl time & cooking. nail painting. down time. much needed.

i had a lovely thanksgiving w/ n at his aunt amy's house. we then popped over to mms for dessert & coffee & wine. very lowkey day which i enjoyed. we watched the kids are alright. drank wine on the couch.

yesterday i cleaned & planted stuff & chilled out & played w/ yuma the kitten a lot. went to matt's show--he's a pretty amazing drummer-went to dinner at the garter w/ n yeah yeah-went to the western to meet up w/ dan & his hoes but nobody sang any karaoke. i fell asleep on the couch w/ my head on n's lap.

tonite is movie nite w/ mm. i am stoked.

much needed time off is so dern nice.