sun / c'mon vikings jeeeez / jog & cooking day

i do love a sunday but this football season is just getting me down. and i don't like to be got down by my team's struggles. lawd.

i've been grading all weekend & doing class prep stuff. today i went for a long jog & listened to lucero on my ipod, running running, & it's a lil cold out. but i feel good. i had some homestyle potatoes for dinner & a lil yellow curry of shrimp, garlic, & spinach atop a big ole salad. and vit c & hot tea all day to keep healthy. i'm doing good mamacita--sorry i havent blogged as much, but it's that crunch time in the semester where the end is in sight but still so much to do.

tomorrow my 102 will be reading the infamous "Lust" by Minot (& watching a lil stealing beauty...the snippet w/ portishead's 'glory box' playing in the background...woooo!) & to counterbalance that feminine coming-of-ageness, some war poems from Wilfred Owen--i like his work & can easily remember back to when i was studying at uga & first seeing his work...didnt like it then, at all. but i do now.