sun / slept from 2am til 2pm / feel so much better / all souls parade day ... i love i love

pics from last nite:

my new pal annie has made me the absolute best mixed cd--& it has a unicorn sticker on it. i am so loving it that i dont even have football on. what!?! good music sunday. bravo for sunday. parade sunday. all souls sunday. love on this sunday. vikes did kick some ass on this sunday. whoop!

my reading w/ anselm last nite was real cool. i enjoyed him very much--his work & his person. thanks so much to POG for having us both read together. thank you to my boss at pima nw steven salmoni for giving me the best intro ever. dont ever know quite how to read after such amazing's mind-blowing really. i thinks it went well. everyone was there--mm, danielle, deanne, jessica, neil, adrienne & susan, kristen, julia, noah, andrew brown, nick, drew krew, mike & annie, renee & sol, brent & kate, & lots of other wonderfuls. after reading we all went to the red g for drinks, & then we popped over to plush to have a drink w/ renee & sol. then home early-ish to sleep. i was very very tired from stress/anxiety of public reading. but such good times, & such good sleep.

did i say the vikes won?

did i say all souls parade is today?