sunday / singing wind fiesta / out in benson in the middle of nowhere / grls day

drew came over last nite to chill w/ me whilst i was grading. i heart drew krew. this morning, early early for a sunday morning for me, i picked up ms annie & we went to benson to the singing wind bookstore to see mm give a presentation on 'the chuck bowden reader' that she edited. just a tiny wee out of town i realized the slow leak in my tire had me rendered nearly flat so we had to air up the tire. quite a process--then onto benson. ocotillo road, cross a cattle guard, turn right, down a dirt road past tractors & cows & horses, i felt i was going home almost! we parked in the pasture & hopped a fence & we had made the famous ole singing wind bookstore. wyn & joe do this thanksgiving fiesta-type thing where there were 8 authors reading from new books on the southwest--& mm was next to last of course! a lot of it was a snooze fest w/ dear vicky & danny singing some desert tunes or some sort in between the audience feasting on a fine spread. veggie chili, chips, guac, salsa, etc & then too rich desserts & stuffs. gabbie giffords was there yes. that's our congress woman for tucson. she's cool. annie & i had fun. deanne stillman was there in pink lipstick & all around fabulousness, so was nancy. most imp, mm did a jam up job presenting. she's quite a natural & i thoroughly enjoyed watching her do her thing.

home now. finished grading. lazed up w/ grita--(shout!) happy.