tues / two good classes / staying afloat / and happy

just got back from mms--had yea ole shrimp creole & cornbread & some cava, yes cava.

im sore today cause last nite i worked out at the y for an hour.

local tucson poet kim nelson asked me to blurb her book, which i've done & enjoyed thoroughly.

what else? im happy. i have flowers in the kitchen--roses & tulips & they're lovely & from someone special who's lovely. just picked up another comp section--this one at the downtown campus--a nite class, of course. not at any point in my next semester will i be waking at 5am. no i will not, not ever. i like to hustle but all that must occur after ten or so.

this is a george orwell kind of week.

this opens my endless season of grading til dec. 16.

this is me happy ms ellie is coming from germany, & my house is so clean right now. here is for creativity. here is a time of folding inward cause it's cold out, for graciousness. here is for healing. now is for introspection & also now is for joy.