dec // a tad bit under the weather // but not enough to do too much already // make yourself sit down // grade // deadwood

yesterday was the end o' the work week for me. ate, napped, worked out. fundamentals. n & i have started watching deadwood. it's goooood--very many curse words i didnt know folks even knew back then...o i guess that tells me people back then were just as crude, the world doesnt progress that much in terms of mannerisms-- sans techno. la.

n made a lovely risotto & delish roasted vegetables, & a lil of that kickass fireblock grenache.

im a-listening to bob dylan on the record player, rock n roll with "scat man"--& im having myself some coffee & have cleaned the house & i got so much stuff burning, incense, candles, im about to have to step out for a breather. or blow everything out.

im grading & going to drink lots of tea today.

and hopefully go to joshua marie wilkinson & kate bernheimer's reading later on.