mon // spilled coffee all over my dress day

yesterday was crucial. vikes won though brett got hurt--how bad im not sure just yet. since childress was booted the vikes have won the last two games--which is great--but i really doubt the necessity of firing a head coach mid-season. something about it doesnt sit quite right with me.

anyhoo. today's been one of those comical mondays yep. coffee everywhere, almost got pulled over for running late. eeeeee. but good all the same.

[all of dante's levels of inferno focused on one person out there in the world. one gets what one deserves from one's behaviour in life. this is sound me thinks. good luck.]

tomorrow is peer revision for my 101s & then thurs they turn in their papers. around 50 for me to grade. woohoo.

my 102s turn in their essays monday, meaning 20 more. yeeeehaw.