mon / the mcla college newspaper asked me for a comment about gordon massman & his work

mon / more pics from scottsdale / spa time o yes

mon / fresh week / pics from the weekend

sat/ up early! / ab to get on the road / scottsdale

wed / grind

mon / fresh week / it's my mama's birthday

sun / all ive got to say is go Packers go!

fri / just dropped n off at the airport / lounging / thinking on burritos / & blue heelers

thurs / green tea / work week over / huuuuuungry

mon / fresh week / if we do not change our direction, we are likely to end up where we are headed -chinese proverb

SAT / time for myself / clean / playoffs - go pack / reflection hour - it's nearest 70 degrees than it's been in a long time :)

tues / day o' shopping my ars off w/ Ellie / trying to get my syllabi done but dont wanna

mon / fresh week / waiting on the mail / bam!

thoughts & prayers to gabby giffords

friday / deadwood & rest cause i have a sore throat / writing

today / which was tues / black swan

Coldfront Magazine names Heifer one of the top 30 poetry books of 2010 / & they call me mad...bravo!

aha! dane hamann, thank you all your days

2011 is kicking my ass it's being so good to me / TriQuarterly Online review of Heifer appears today

sun / read write & research / fan dance inventor sally rand

sat / NEW YEAR