mon / fresh week / if we do not change our direction, we are likely to end up where we are headed -chinese proverb

[beautiful moss-stained wall borrowed from the sartorialist]

jets won yesterday--so glad about this yes. i wore my jets favre jersey. brett put in his retirement w/ the league today. not surprised at all. great shame he's leaving the way he is though. packer rodgers 'ran a clinic' on sat, as n says. packers tooook doooown the falcs. i was wearing my packers hat via one wisconsin abe. whoop. im going to be awfully conflicted if the packers play the jets in the superbowl, but i hope it goes down like that, yes.

'l r f b' is in shape & im excited about the work. the poems are drastically different than heifer, are not the poems of a grl, & show that i still got it. :)

i start teaching tomorrow. im actually excited. excited that my class tomorrow is at 410. much much better this semester.

my trusted coffee maker died. that means i must go to target & keep my eye on the prize: no buying clothes, knick-knacks, kitsch. very difficult for me.

my fav bit from Jane Kramer's The Last Cowboy: "Old Father Time, he'll get you in the end, and it dont matter none that you been taking precautions. But Grandaddy Wesley, whom Henry consulted, grieving, started his lessons in cowboy common sense. He taught him that a cowboy was always gentle, that the best way and the right way to ride a horse or rope a calf was the quietest way possible. He said that what made a real hand was not so much knowing how to do something as knowing when to do something--the most important 'when' being when to leave an animal alone."