mon / the mcla college newspaper asked me for a comment about gordon massman & his work

gordon massman is a pressmate.

gordon massman is a friend.

gordon massman is one of the most interesting of people ive ever met.

laura little & i love gordon massman, yes--both of us enthralled by him.

here's the statement that i supplied to the massachusetts college of liberal arts (where gordon teaches lit & writing) newspaper:

Gordon Massman is the kind of writer that guts you, revolts you, makes you fall in love or a lake, makes you want to live a little bit realer in your own world. After reading The Essential Numbers (1991-2208), I was so anxious & excited to meet him just to see if he had a giraffe growing out the side of his head like from his ear. And he does! No, but really Gordon is the kind of imaginative writer who writes without shame or guilt or either with all of it in the world tamped down on his shoulders (who knows, really) & all of this is borne of the long, dark shaft of the subconscious--& he is full of a kind of brilliance in him as he's walking through the world, I'm sure of it; right there in him, a knowingness. He's the kind of writer no other wants to read after because he's so on-point in person & in word. He's the kind of writer writers are honored to read with on any given day. It's a known fact in the chartreuse-colored poetry world that Gordon makes writers want to risk more in their own work: there is no greater compliment.


It took me literally 5 min to write this...why? because i love gordon's work.