SAT / time for myself / clean / playoffs - go pack / reflection hour - it's nearest 70 degrees than it's been in a long time :)

[first pig tails]

today is very nice. im taking some time to be here at home because im pretty zonked out from everything lately. me & grita g are snuggled up on the couch, it's nice.

weekly recap:

wed: obama in town / traffic in town - madhouse errands, still managed / to mms to watch speech w/ two journalists, an antiquarian, & mm & me / mad mad traffic & a long train wait / syllabi work / puttanesca w/ neil / relax

thurs: up & craziness / more bad news / regroup / love on n / nw faculty meeting - i step out of car on campus & hello it's the dr phil show wanting an interview hmmm, no thanks / weird weird / to the ranch to see ms ellie for one last meal / steak, potato, beans kind of nite / home / halo / syllabi work / snuggle

fri: meeting w / a. - good for my head & insides too / taco shop (no more!) / downtown faculty meeting, good lord / see ms ann fine who i adore / pick up n - head to the y workout / shower up & the cup for dinner - grouper w/ a pistachio topping & ver blanc sauce, quinoa w / pineapple, asparagus / ches / roo & murderface / sleepy

today: put a hurting of clean on home. chill out. im sorry i couldnt make it, mm. i need some me-time. love.


im rooting for the pack today, no surprise.

ST: I'm stoooooooooooooked! Packers hat on!

AS: Aaaaaaaamen, stay focused! Eat cheese, be kind to alllll birds Except the Falcon!

ST: Yes!