tues / day o' shopping my ars off w/ Ellie / trying to get my syllabi done but dont wanna

i like tuesdays. up sorta earlyish to get Ellie from the ranch & then i used a lot of my christmas giftcards for free stuff which i do love. then to the gym errr. also im trying to figure out my new lomography camera--dont think it's too tough but i dont think i loaded the film correctly. i'll get n on it, as he's better w/ tecnology than i am due to my tendency to grow impatient with stuff.


colfront mag further broke down their top 30 books of the year into the best of this & best of that. here's how the first books category ended up:

Best First Book*
1. Like a Sea, Samuel Amadon
2. Post Moxie, Julia Story
3. To Light Out, Karen Weiser
4. (made), Cara Benson
5. The French Exit, Elisa Gabbert
6. Black-Eyed Heifer, Shelly Taylor
7. The Madeleine Poems, Paul Legault
8. People Are Tiny in Paintings of China, Cynthia Arrieu-King
9. Cargo, Kristin Kelly
10. Incivilities, Barbara Claire Freeman

cool. thanks coldfront. mirth all your days.


i read brian turner's second book yesterday at the gym & it had some truly strong moments. all in all, a good turnout for him. i bought the book for n hoping he'd enjoy it/get something from it/feel inspired by it, since he's taking his first poetry class this coming semester. :) im still working on elisa gabbert's book 'the french exit' as well as ange mlinko's 'shoulder season.' i also have sawako nakayasu's 'texture notes' in line, among numerous others (the cloud corporation (donnelly), thin kimono (craig), iteration nets (kelsey), 100 notes on violence (carr), to light out (weiser), & humanimal (kapil). exciting.