sun / organize & clean & it's gorgeous out & im cheerful

[mama & daddy mustve gone to granny & papa's today. she sent me several pics of my granny's goats. this one is cute cute.]

i can tell when ive been writing a lot. at first i have trouble in this linear world operating. i seem a bit 'out of it.' then after at least a week of writing hard, everything makes sense. im on it & i feel fulfilled & spry in the world--i dont have that anxiety that i should be writing.

so, today was a brilliant sunday. up--good coffee, organized my file cabinet & desk area, worked hard on my backyard, trimming back all of my plants that despite my covering them up snug, mostly froze through & through. i put my new springtime duvet on my bed. also, i went to target. i know: danger! i got some new pic frames--framed an pic of mama (at 16 yrs old) on 'red hot sam' (most legendary horse in the southeast) & hung it in my desk area. already have a pic of mama on Mark, so i figured i needed one of her on her own love.

got some thai takeout. wrote a quiz for my downtown 101. made an assignment sheet for the week. n came over & helped me burn stuff in the chiminea outside. then he lovingly watched the atl housewives reunion w/ me. ive the best valentine.