tues / dragulater! if ya cant love yaself how the hell ya gonna love anyone else? -rupaul

it's no joke i love rupaul's drag race. well season 3 just started & ive made my pick & seeing as there's no jujubee this season, im going w/ a southern grl (of course)! her name is mariah. she's real purty. i also like delta work from jersey. when i get time im gonna watch 'where the frock are they?' to see what my jujubee is up to. sigho.


had a good day. up later than i wanted, felt like making a quiz for the kiddies at NW: heeeheeeheee. had a lovely meal w/ mm. i made a green lentil/shitake mush/red chard dish spiced w/ tumeric, cumin, coriander that i took from last month's food & wine. it was good. mm made a nice yellow curry w/ turkey & mush & basmati. then we worked in the office. i did three loads of laundry. it's still cold out. from last week's freeze, dead cactus is everywhere on the streets, the ground, apocalyptic dead cacti everywhere. on a nice note: i got pink & purple tulips today from someone special.