tues / thinkin bout mexico yup -- gotta get this book done & out firstly tho

ive been taking good care. gym. writing. thinking clearly about what i want to do with myself. making goals. talking to my mama. having tea w/ mm. hangin w/ ms annie. just really taking care.

ive had two good days of class. tomorrow i have to be up at 7am to take ms. sasstrida to the vet for literally all her remaining teeth removed. im gonna volunteer tomorrow afternoon at voices. peer revision in my nite class. & hopefully dinner w/ annie.

rodeo parade is eaaaaarly thursday morning. dont have class due to rodeo: yeeeehaw in all the best ways possible. ana bozicevic (my pressmate & nice grl/amazing poet) is coming to tucson on thurs, & im looking forward to hearing her read.


i am hoping, along w/ LL, to go to Cabo over spring break. i am fingers-crossed this will happen.