tues / today i went to popeyes yes! / among other things

just got back home / yes i went to popeye's fried chicken

had a grrreat class today / also went to see dani & baby e /

took her a salad & played w/ e so she could eat / i felt

like a spicy chicken breast myself / i had a good day / one

thing i miss about my friend mara v is how we used to sing

old country songs together rolling down the road / one day

mara v says remember that pam tillis song / she got a divorce

& a chestnut horse / a barn w/ an old hayloft / i said yes /

so we sang it together going down the road / i miss that /


Sometimes she rides down by the river,
said it makes her feel reckless and young.
She just closes her eyes, and she holds on tight,
and she lets that pony run.

tonite i think im going to chill. chillin feels good.