sat / blame it on the royal wedding / getting my rest & grading on

wed a.m. / bout to head to bed / was hanging out w/ friend in yard w/ wine & talking life

tues / rooooough day / but i have pics from home of family easter

mon / key west / tennesse williams my heart

easter sun / part one / i went riding horses w/ my friend ralph

easter sun / part two

sat / i gotta get a move on / deanne's party day

fri / heart fri / goooood sleep / key west or bust

tues / raaar / no sleep / long day / dinner w/ my old mija

mon / restless / reading eric weinstein's vivisection just out from new michigan press

sun / etta james / confederate jasmine mama

sat / hay / happiest grl in the world to not be bartending club crawl / happy

wed / gorgeous / i WANT some sun on my legs / it's april / writing / reading cause it's PO MONTH

sun / a lil shopping / a lil working / a lil birthday / a lil upstairs downstairs what!

sat / cold & rainy day makes me happy day / recovery

thurs / jesus / sweat / in the words of mm 'dont let the bastards get you down'

wed / beautiful wind / overcast day / the guts of cacti stink real bad / outside work

tues/ my crazy busy day / im just now saying hallo to april / it's the 5th / guess what?

SUN / gorgeous day / end of troubles

SAT / goodness gracious / roadtrip w/ d / fun fun fun fun

more sat / sonoita / elgin / patagonia