sat / blame it on the royal wedding / getting my rest & grading on

thurs: class / class / to mms for cocktail hr / to dinner w/ george & mm at 47 scott / tired / cough / cough syrup w/ codeine @ midnite / fight sleep / watch the royal wedding / bed at 330

fri: general exhaustion from cough syrup, not enough sleep, royal wedding / sesh w/ a / relax / food & fashion blogs / tumamoc w/ dr danielle / dinner at chars / wine in the backyard / shower at 11 / out at 1230am / pick up dani / meet up w/ peeps at ches / up til 5am / general exhaustion

sat: this & that / newest thing in south tucson: the dollar general / $5 off coupon for dollar general in my mailbox / drop peeps off at their home / dollar general / 7 bags of stuff for $33 / clean / bizarre stuff / cook a huge breakfast/lunch / stay away from dollar general chorizo / sick as all hell / grading / general exhaustion / belly ache

blame it on the royal wedding :)


when i used to ride hontas in the high hayfield, id sing 'sometimes hontas you & i are a 3 legged horse who cant get across the finish line, no matter how hard he tries & tries & tries'...which is from smoke signals. i substituted 'hontas' in for 'father'--the song of course addressing a father, pleading almost. that then got me thinking a/b the ending of smoke signals: