SAT / goodness gracious / roadtrip w/ d / fun fun fun fun

such a pleasant morning, watering things & singin g welch & luxuriating as should a weekend entail. d & i left for our wine tasting sat around 1. the drive down to sonoita is gorgeous. there is no other word--i love the lay of the land, everything rich in gold grass, country, horses everywhere. got to the first winery round 230. sweetest peach sparkle good lord. then to a very surprisingly lovely winery whose owner is quite young & very knowledge & very nice. we bought a couple bottles then headed to the steak out where i had a three pound t-bone. the waitress cracked a joke that i had a hole in my foot i ate so much. heehee. yep. three pounds. i felt fabulous afterwards. we headed fifteen miles to patagonia to the wagon wheel which is such an amazing bar. hung out w/ nice winery owner drinking beer on the patio, sunset, fun times. back to tucs. backyard w/ nice new wine & talking. im tired. wonderful day.