sat / hay / happiest grl in the world to not be bartending club crawl / happy

i always mean to post this song on april 14th but forget somehow. it's a great one.


ive been content lately. today i woke up & listened to records & graded outside w/ coffee & las, gorgeous day. the grls & i did tumamoc in record speed--yes, my legs are looking fierce from that uphill where i cuss all deities while the grls are barely breathing hard. had a glass of wine w/ annie in the backyard (aunt lisa called & asked me the craziest question ive ever been asked by a family member [she was on that moonshine i reckon]--i shall not repeat the question nor my answer here...) & then i went to eat w/ danielle & the wonderful med school grl entourage. danielle & i ended the night drinking wine in the backyard reflecting. i am so infinitely happier than i was on this very day last year. how do i know? well today is club crawl. and im not slingin booze this year. last year i was a damn wreck, & without a doubt was the surliest thing in the world behind that bar at congress. i was downright ugly & in a funky state last year. this year i am content. and light-hearted. and where i need to be. grading papers on a sat nite. listening to g welch. having spent all day w/ lovely grlfriends. happy. w/ fierce legs. :)