tues / bridgetown / sitting here with my mama

sonoita-elgin wine trip / dos cabezas & kief-joshua wineries / steak out / i was the dd :)

grls trip to the grand canyon & sedona

laura little had a birthday / there was some debaucherie / grand canyon

tues / laura little arrives tonite / 45 mins

mon / loooooooong day of stuff / almost famous my favorite scene

sun / ahhh / magical weekend

fri / today i said the world is a sinister place / d says she wants the man in her head / mm says that chicken wings are fradulent & just wrong

thurs / somebody already said to me the air today is ambrosial / yes

wed nite / ive had zero stress today it's been lovely

it's wed / pretty much done for the summatime yeeeee / i dreamt of yellow field flowers

happy sunday / grading / this is how you introduce yourself to the president...

fri / break from grading / news

fri / it's science friday! / hurry hurry

wed / pretty day / pretty rough one too

mon / fresh week / just getting home from a [lovely] date

sun / i heart my mama on mama's day / my dream of becoming a mexican singer is drifting away (harrison)

sat / recovery day / life-magic

wed / tired out / talked to my sister whitney in tahoe / season finale of justified

ok yes somebody made a writers and kitties tumblr

tues / on the cough syrup / im gonna lil wayne here in a min

hallo may / it's mon / eeeeeee / almost done grading

sun / chillin w/ grita on the couch / slight break from grading