fri / break from grading / news

my allergies have been so awful that i couldnt even make it all the way up tumamoc today. i started coughing coughing & despite d. saying we got this, i could not. home. made a curry & went to d.'s for dinner. fun fun. jose my gaybor is having a block party i popped in at. new neighbors in the hood & all.

picked up my car today finally. got a pretty good deal. i heart mark schofield for looking after things for me.

some good news today but i dont want to jinx it, am just hopeful. it's hopeful that im teaching advanced poetry at pima this fall. yeeeeah. just when im down & out on teaching good news comes along. fingers-crossed.

ok ok back to grading. im going on a day-te tomorrow out in the desert. excited.